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Welcome To Family Focus Wellness Center

Are you ready to feel better? Are you sick of being feeling blah? Are you tired of your doctor just prescribing one drug after another while you still lack energy, feel lousy and have normal lab results? Let’s doctor differently.

Our Approach is Based in Functional Wellness

We have many client success stories because we understand that to get different outcomes it will take a unique and different approach in helping people with their health concerns. Our approach is based in Functional Wellness. We dive deep, looking well beyond “normal” or “traditional” lab tests to find the underlying cause of your issue and then we lay out a plan that allows you to finally get real results. We utilize in-depth and comprehensive testing which may include: blood, saliva, and stool testing. These more comprehensive tests allow us to get to truly understand your body so we can create better outcome. For you this means better results…faster.

If you are going to be alive, you might as well…LIVE!
-Dr. Adams, Chiropractor Longview

Since none of us are the same, our Peak Lifestyle Programs are custom designed for each individual client and may include the use of Nutraceuticals (instead of Pharmaceuticals), various functional wellness therapies, lifestyle and dietary modifications to get you the solutions you want and need.

Our passion is providing Health and Wellness Coaching to help you enjoy an improved Quality of Life and Stronger Relationships.


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