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About Us

D-adams-33Dr. David Adams, DC has been working to help people feel better for about 18 years, and has spent the last three or four years with a special focus on the field of functional medicine. His desire is to help you accomplish your health goals on a deeper level.

He was in practice for many years before tragedy struck his family. He and his wife lost one of their children; a precious daughter. At this time, something changed within him. He realized he wanted to alter the way he was working to help people. Rather than only addressing their symptoms, he wanted to help people to experience the most that they can from life.

Experiencing the painful loss of his child has served to help Dr. Adams to be a better doctor. Since he has experienced loss personally, he can identify with his patients who have experienced loss stemming from diabetes. This helps him to make a more personal connection with you, and to be truly empathetic to the difficulties that you may be facing. He will not brush aside your feelings or concerns, but instead will be able to relate to you in a way that many other doctors can’t.

He wants you to enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. He wants you to experience everything that you want to experience, in spite of any health limitations you may have. He wants you to be able to do the activities and hobbies which fulfill you and bring you happiness.

He started out his career in the chiropractic area of medicine, helping people to feel better for about fifteen years. He excelled in this area and gave stellar care. However, when his daughter passed away, he came to a crossroads in his life and in his career and decided to alter his path to one of functional medicine. He began to learn more about metabolic conditions like diabetes, and how they affect the human body.

He has spent thousands of hours studying functional endocrinology, functional neurology, and functional medicine. If you have a child who is affected by diabetes, Dr. Adams welcomes your family warmly to his office. He loves working with children and offers pediatric services.
He is passionate about education and is dedicated to providing the best services to his patients. He is devoted to learning as much as possible about the human body and how it functions. Your body is a complex machine; a highly complicated vessel composed of many interworking systems. The more that he is able to learn about how the body works, the better service he is able to provide for you.

Dr. Adams is committed to helping his patients to live the healthiest life possible. If you are under the impression that he only helps children or young adults, think again. No matter what your age is, he believes that it is never too late to turn your health around. It does not matter if you are a senior citizen, a young adult, a child, or an adult in middle age. It is never too late to make positive changes which can help you live your life to the fullest and get the most out of each and every day. Dr. David wants you to do more than simply exist. He wants to help you thrive and live a life of vitality.

Many people fall into a false sense of security when their doctors say that their numbers are within a normal range, and they believe the doctor when they are told that a disease will progress and it cannot be prevented. The truth is that if you continually feel unwell, then there is no way that your numbers are “normal” no matter what your lab tests may say. It is also true that many health concerns which are considered to be the natural progression of a disease can actually be slowed or prevented altogether.

The answer lies in creating a lifestyle that allows you to improve your overall health. Dr. Adams is committed to helping others to reclaim their good health. If you are ready to take an active role in your health, call our office for a consultation.