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We Help Men and Women Suffering with
Type II Diabetes and Blood Sugar Issues

If you’re looking for the best care for unresolved Type II Diabetes and blood sugar issues
in the Longview, Texas area…you’ve come to the right place.

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Our Comprehensive Approach for Helping Type II Diabetes


250Comprehensive Evaluation

We offer more than the standard blood tests. Our tests look at what is going on through a different set of criteria, which helps us to really understand the underlying causes of your health problems.

238Personal Passion

We are dedicated to helping you feel better and to take charge of your health. We want you to live a fulfilling life. We are passionate about your health and your happiness.

275Natural Therapeutic Support

We suggest alternative therapies which help you to feel better. We do this by creating individual wellness plans that may include dietary and lifestyle changes. We will help guide you back to health.

259Patient Success

We have been helping people who are struggling with type II diabetes to feel better for many years. We are proud of our patients’ success and are happy to share their stories with you.

128Customized Care

We realize that you are a unique individual with your own state of health. The plan we create to help you regain your good health is specially designed for you. It is not a one-size- fits-all approach.

242Effective Support

We use natural methods and holistic based care programs to help our patients. For many people this approach has allowed them to get back to “living” life on their own terms.


Finding The Right Care Is Important

Take what you think you know about diabetes and put it aside. If you’re like many people, you think that diabetes is just a disease of the blood sugar. It is a common misconception, but it turns out that diabetes is actually multifaceted.

It is not simply about the level of sugar which is detectable in your blood at any given time. The map (or landscape) of diabetes, includes many other factors… Read More

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Commit To Change And Improve Your Life

We are highly motivated to help our patients like you; the ones who refuse to accept the status quo. When the traditional medical model and method tells you that you have a health condition, that can’t be helped you have to be ready to challenge that way of thinking. We are ready to help you.

We are different because we realize that a diagnosis is just a word. It is not something that you have to accept. We know that if you make changes and you commit to working hard, you can see a difference in your quality of life… Read More

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The Connection Between Functional Medicine And Type II Diabetes

When it comes to functional medicine and diabetes, we show our patients that there is a different approach which needs to be considered. Instead of relying on prescription medication only, or using it as the first line of defense, we focus on lifestyle modification to regain health. We don’t want you to think that you have a disease that won’t improve. Instead, we want to show you a new way of thinking. We want to work with you to find the answers to the questions that you have… Read More


Meet Dr. David Adams, DC

Dr. David Adams, DC has been working to help people feel better for about 18 years, and has spent the last three or four years with a special focus on the field of functional medicine. His desire is to help you accomplish your health goals on a deeper level. He was in practice for many years before tragedy struck his family. He and his wife lost one of their children; a precious daughter. At this time, something changed within him. He realized that he wanted to alter the way he was working to help people. Rather than only addressing their symptoms, he wanted to help people to experience the most that they can from life… Read More

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How We Work

Our practice is very different from others. We go above and beyond barebones, basic patient care. Instead of a brief appointment where the patient has to ramble off their medical history and current symptoms as fast as possible, we take a comprehensive approach to care…
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You’re invited to schedule a free consultation with our office to get the answers and solutions you’ve been searching for to help complicated and unresolved Type II Diabetes and blood sugar issues. The consultation is free and there is no obligation…
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Check out our free video training called “3 BIG Myths About Type II Diabetes That Are Keeping Your Health Hostage” in this video we debunk common myths and misconceptions about thyroid problems and what the truth is about getting real help and solutions…
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