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Welcome to Family Focus Wellness Center

Here at Family Focus Wellness Center, our intent and sole purpose is to help you regain your health as quickly as possible and to help keep you and your family healthy for the rest of your lives.

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Top Priority

Priority is defined as “that which takes precedence” . . . “that which is more important”. We handle our lives on a priority basis in doing those things which seem most important to us at the time. The word priority takes on a more significant meaning to those patients/practice members who are sincerely interested in regaining their health. People go to a doctor because they hurt somewhere, or some function of the body is not normal. Whatever the initial problem, it may or may not be in priority. If the area of pain happens to be in priority, you will feel great after the first treatment/adjustment and be convinced that your doctor has worked a miracle.

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The difference between a Chiropractic adjustment and having your neck or back “cracked” or “manipulated” is like the difference between the first time you kissed your sweetheart and kissing a frog. In both cases the physical action is similar but the overall experience is very different.

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Here’s a simple check of your anxiety level: try to lower your shoulders. If you could – if your shoulders were tense – your body is in defense physiology. You are ready to defend yourself against attack. But you aren’t in danger – you are supposedly relaxed while reading this paper. Keeping your shoulders raised is just one clue that you are not relaxed – you are “stressed out.” Other stress clues include sensations of a “knot” in your stomach or your heart pounding, feeling tense or nervous most of the time, habitual foot-bouncing or finger-tapping, teeth- grinding, jaw-clenching, or coming “unglued” easily. Unless you are in a crisis situation, you should be reasonably relaxed.

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Get off your over the counter drugs. As Soon As Possible! Talk the doctor who recommended them and find out when you can discontinue them. These drugs will counter what we are doing and the Healing process!

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The road back to health is an exciting and rewarding journey, but like any worthwhile undertaking, has some challenges.

You and your doctor are joining forces for this task of reactivating the non-functioning organs, muscles, and tissues of your body. Together we will see you through this rebuilding period and the road back to health. As your spine continues to improve and your energy is freed to flow more correctly through your body, you will experience many changes and feelings. It is important to be ready and eager for these signs that your body is on its way to feeling better.

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