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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your programs work?

We will determine what testing needs to be performed during your consultation. More complex or serious conditions will likely require more extensive testing. The overall cost is a pittance compared to the medical costs and drugs and considering that you may be sicker or dead if you continue with the medical treatments and drugs that are not working.  Your program is customized for you and your need to help ensure you reach your goals.

How long does it take to get the test results back?

If you do the testing through our office, it usually takes no more than two weeks to get all of the test results back and your personalized detailed report completed!  The blood-work is usually to us in a few days but because we do more extensive testing than you usually get from you primary doctor, some of the results can take longer to get back from our labs.

Can I get my blood work done through my regular doctor?

Yes, however, it would be prudent for you to check pricing thoroughly. Many patients find the cost is significantly less if you get it through our office.  We know that the mark up on labs is outrageous.  The test we run would be over $4500 from a primary care or specialist, we only charge the lab fees which are a fraction of that cost.  By not putting an outrageous mark up on our tests we are able to take a much closer look at your health for a lot less dollars out of your pocket.  If you decide to go through your insurance company for reimbursement, not only does it usually end of costing you quite a bit more, the test findings will go on your permanent record and may affect future premiums and ratings.

What makes Functional Medicine trained health professionals different from “nutritionists” or general “doctors”?

The Science Based Nutrition™ analysis and recommendations are based on scientific and objective testing. Some of the diagnostic testing used are blood testing, toxic and elemental hair testing, food allergy testing, salivary hormone testing and stool cultures. There are a lot of very questionable ‘energy’ techniques to determine diseases and conditions including the many variations of muscle testing. Studies have shown they are no better than just guessing. We get great results because we use objective testing methods and we evaluate your findings based on Functional Ranges.

How long will it take before I start to see improvement in my health problems?

Understand that we don’t have a cure for your problem whether it is a rash, diabetes or cancer. Our goal is to get you healthier. Progress is the key and generally patients see some definite, objective improvement within 2 months. If you commit to following the program for 2 months, it is highly unusual that progress/improvement is not seen. Then the goal is to keep you improving on a consistent basis.

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