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Advanced Education for Longview Diabetics

Diabetes is a nasty disease that ruins the lives of millions of people. You can lose a leg … you can lose an arm … you can lose your “zeal” for life … and in serious cases you can even lose your life. But you don’t have to suffer any longer. If you are suffering from Type II Diabetes, there is hope.  Although we do not treat Diabetes we do help people learn how to work with their lifestyle to improve their blood sugars.  We do not prescribe medication and will not take you off medications prescribed by your primary care physician, however we have helped many people reduce or eliminate their need to be on these medications.

Our Approach

By looking beyond the label of the disease and uncovering WHY a person is diabetic, we determine the underlying causes and are then able to help educate people on how to handle their diabetes more effectively. We uncover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunction that are associated with the disease.

The Problem with using Medication only

Though traditional medicine uses insulin to help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels, the hormone can cause long-term damage to the body. At first, the insulin injections may appear to be working, and the patient’s blood sugar levels drop. But over time, the body builds greater resistance to higher insulin levels, leading blood sugar levels to rise once again. With all that insulin in the system you are walking “The Slippery Slope”:

  • Weight gain
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Limb amputations
  • A higher risk of cancer
  • Death


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Consider Alternative Methods

Properly understanding and managing your Type II Diabetes can change your life. More than 20 million Americans have Type II Diabetes, and the consequences are dire. Heart disease. High blood pressure. Kidney problems. Limb amputations. Blindness. (Can you imagine never being able to see your spouse, kids or grand-kids again?) The very medications your doctor has put you on may make you sick and make your Diabetes worse. Don’t settle for a steady decline in your quality of life. We are up to date on the latest advances in Type II Diabetes management and strive to give you a natural alternative to insulin injections and an ever expanding cocktail of drugs. Our passion is helping you address the root cause of your condition and restore your health and your vitality.

What if you could Improve  Type II diabetes naturally? What if by following your doctor’s advise you are actually making yourself worse? Learn alternative, natural approaches to improve your overall health and thereby improve your Type II Diabetes. You may be able to overcome your condition and start living the happy, healthy life of your dreams! Call our office today to learn more.

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