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Our Mission

no one that will have a bigger impact than our current practice members.

No one that will have a bigger impact than our current practice members.

I would like to share with you our mission. My entire staff and I have very big goals of changing the health of our community and beyond, especially our children.

In order to achieve this, we recognize the necessity of getting our community educated; very much in the same manner you were educated prior to coming here. We feel if we can teach the parents, we will certainly have an impact on their children.

This process starts by getting people informed, and there is no one that will have a bigger impact than our current practice members.

We have created a very simple process that requires very little of your time. We have put together an audio CD that will introduce your friends to our office and our unique approach to healthcare as well as an invitation to our upcoming seminars. We simply mail this package to those who you feel would appreciate it, along with a letter of explanation to identify the gift is from you. We will only follow-up with your referral to make certain they received the package and answer any questions they might have. After that, it is totally up to them to take the next step of attending a talk. No pressure. Again, this will be a gift from you.

Please just drop us an email or next time we see you bring us their name and address and we will be happy to get this in the mail.

Thank you for helping us help others.

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