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Dr. A Reviews How to Collect Your Samples

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“My rheumatologist has been telling me to take more and more and more hormones each time I go in. He checks my blood every few months and then tells me I need to increase my dosage. I had read that some hormones can be measured more accurately in saliva then in blood. When I found out you did that I was intrigued so I called. Then when I got my levels back and found they were 10 times higher than they should be you can imagine my disgust. I am thrilled to report that since I have been following your advice I feel 100 times better and now I am seeing the changes in my body I thought I would see with hormone replacement therapy. Thank you for doing the right tests to help me find and fix my hormone imbalance.”

Wow, that is a funny look on my face!

If you have any questions regarding sample collection please give us a call.

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